MS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

MS Thesis Tittle: Development of a Theoretical Framework for the Modelling and Analysis of Optimization Issues with Applications

Thesis Defense Presentation [Download]


The overall contents of this thesis are organized around two main parts. The first part is concerned with the modeling of optimization problems while the second part deals with the analysis of optimization problems. As introduction to the issues related to both modeling and analysis of optimization scenarios, we provide an explanatory state-of-the-art over-viewing the concepts of Lagrange Relaxation and Neuron Dynamics to explore possible answers to the various research questions concerning to different optimization issues. As proof of concept, we envisage a second order ordinary differential equation and we introduce a novel approach based on Cellular Neural Network (CNN) templates optimization to derive appropriate solutions. To achieve this, we combine the concepts of Lagrange Relaxation and Neuron Dynamics.

Keywords: Optimization, neuron dynamics, cellular neural networks

Neuron Dynamics based CNN's template optimization for solving ODEs

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