Projects Supervised / Supervising

  1. Action recognition using deep learning

  2. Product recommendation using deep learning

  3. Road traffic violation detection using deep learning

  4. Frequency domain image filtering using CUDA

  5. HOG features and SVM based vehicle's license plate detection and verification

  6. Finding similarities in videos for copyright protection

  7. Comparative analysis of RIP, IGRP and OSPF internet protocols

  8. Vehicle tracking system using Arduino plateform

  9. QoS optimization in video streaming using user's experience

  10. Object detection and classification from aerial images using CUDA

  11. Analysis of QoS issues in VoIP communication

  12. Performance analysis of local invariant image feature detectors

  13. Performance comparison of image feature detectors for forgery detection

  14. Image and video understanding using machine learning

  15. A hybrid technique for copy-move image forgery detection